Original Handmade Acrylic Paintings

My name is Sonal. I am self taught artist who started painting since my childhood. My art is my way of seeing the world. All my paintings are very colourful as I use colours to express strong emotions which are based on life experiences such as joy and happiness. My art is full of life as I explore my imagination with colours. Every colour has its spiritual meaning and vibration. I showcase positive vibrations through my paintings.I want to explore my artistic skills using this Etsy shop and share my creative side with everyone.

My art style is constantly changing as I explore new creative ideas. I can paint landscape, portrait, cityscape, seascape, abstract art and various other styles. I mainly love to create acrylic paintings, palette knife paintings and abstract paintings. I like to explore different techniques,shapes, textures, lines, value and blending colours.
If you are looking for perfect painting for your home or office, you have come to right place.I hope my paintings create calm, peaceful and colorful corner in your home or office space.My paintings are perfect for gifts for loved ones or as home or office decor. My paintings will turn your simple walls into beautiful and peaceful wall decor.

Thanks for visiting my art studio, I hope you enjoy my paintings.